Get More Exclusive Roofing Leads - 7 Quality Lead Generation Tips

Are you getting enough quality roofing leads?

By: John Devlin


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If your roofing company is struggling for new leads, it might be time to start rethinking the way you approach promoting your roof business.

High-quality leads are essential for any kind of roofing business to regularly get more work. 

Learning how to market your roofing company will be key to any future success.

Word of mouth is all well and good, but tradespeople thrive with a consistent flow of top quality leads.

In the modern marketing age, roofing lead generation is all about being smart about using the power of the internet. 

Yes – there are plenty of ways through which roofing contractors can keep picking up business, however, factors such as Pay Per Click and website optimisation (SEO) really are big hitters.

Your marketing efforts might have done your company wonders in the past, but what if things start drying up? 

What if you’re finding your business is running short on the right people?

The fact is, tradespeople will often find they are only going to generate leads when the demand is there. 

However, smarter lead generation for roofing companies these days is just as much about making sure you’re creating brand awareness as it is hunting more work.

If you’re completely new to learning how to generate roofing leads, then worry not, this post is for you.

We all start somewhere!

I’ve been helping business owners and local people find new leads and connections across the roofing industries for many years now.

Take time to read through the following roofing lead generation ideas, and you may well start finding you generate more leads for your roofing firm than ever before.

First Things First - Focus on Your Website

If you provide new roofs, roof repair and consultation across a large local area, it’s probably tempting to just leave your local number and services up in a directory where homeowners can find you.

This advertising is way too passive.

This is hoping to get more work.

While it may have worked in years gone by, when people in need of roofing help would have looked up a roofing business in the phone book, the online age has made this side of things a little different.

Every local roofing website should have a big click to call contact number at the top of every page. 

Don’t make the visitor search for it. 

Because they won’t.

Therefore, we’re going to need to focus on your website, first and foremost.

Is your roofing website doing enough to inspire those who really need you?

To convert on those all-important first clicks, you’re going to need to make sure you offer plenty of detail on your services. 

What’s more, every page needs to have a particular purpose, a job if you like.

Even if you put hours and hours into marketing efforts elsewhere, a poor website is going to let you down in the long run.

Google and users demands quality content, clear answers to searcher questions, and effective landing pages.

Every page on your roofing company website should either educate or convert.

An example of a page that educates is a service page.

Let’s use a roof repair service page to explore further.

I have seen far too many roofing sites with a good homepage then once you click the roof repair page, there is nothing, 300 words of rubbish and one stock image pitching for work. 

You need to understand a potential customer won’t stay on your homepage and will very rarely use a contact form or ring a number from the first page of any website.

They are investigating, determining if you like what kind of a company are you.

And they will move through a website looking, searching in fact for visual expertise and trust signals. 

Check this out.

The image below shows a local site with 62 lead conversions, the average pages viewed before conversion happened was between 2-3 pages. 

Subconsciously they are asking the following questions while looking through your pages

  •  Do these guys look like a good roofing company
  •  Do they have the expertise that I need
  •  Do they specialise in roof repairs (example)
  •  Have other local customers used this company
  •  Do they have previous projects I can view
  •  Do they have up-to-date testimonials
  • Do they need more work?

If your roofing service pages answer all of these above, then you are 100% educating them about your company, experience and expertise.

Why Local Landing Pages for Roofing Services Matter

An essential facet of inbound marketing these days is the landing page.

This is where a searcher – say, from Google – will ‘land’ on your website, on a page where you will, hopefully, give them the answers they are looking for.

Local landing pages are crucial for any roofing company to generate solid, inbound leads. 

Think about how you’d normally approach new custom. Let’s use the phone book marketing analogy once more.

For advertising you’d list your roofing business in a local phone book, if you wanted to reach local people. 

For example, this is the difference between listing yourself as a roof business in Gateshead, and a roof business in Sunderland. 

However, in some cases, you’d probably want to capture as many quality leads as possible by listing in both.

Local landing pages are pages on your website which are unique to each region you pitch to. 

These will appeal to searchers looking for a roof repair specialist, or roofing expert in their local area.

For example, your landing page for ‘Gateshead roofing contractors’ may appear if searchers are looking for a roofing company from that region. 

This may flag up via location services, or they may even search for the name of their area directly.

Targeting local services directly is a great way to funnel regular roofer leads into your business. 

Crucially, you need to remember that you won’t need to have a physical address for each location you advertise in.

This means that providing you can supply roof services across the whole of the North Yorkshire area, you can obtain lucrative leads across towns and cities such as York, Filey, Scarborough, Thirsk, Whitby and beyond.

There’s really no limit.

Lead Generation Tips

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Is It Worth Using a Lead Generation Company for Roofing Leads?

A lead company will help you find specific roofing contractor leads in return for a fee.

However, my advice in this regard would be to make sure you sign up with a leads generator who lets you pay as you go.

There are some big names like Checkatrade out there who cover leads for all manner of tradespeople.

However, there are some advertising companies who tend to be better at marketing leads for roof businesses than others.

The best thing to do is try before you buy if you can.

Look for lead generators which allow you to pore through their tools and services before you tie yourself to a contract.

While it’s perfectly possible for you to find worthwhile roofing services leads on your own, it’s often worth reaching out for help wherever you can.

Here we look at the best tradesman app for lead gen in the UK.

Get Smart on Branding

Just telling your customers and visitors that you offer ‘experienced roofers’ and ‘affordable roofers’ is no longer enough.

In the modern age, you’re going to need to establish your brand.

For the modern consumer, this is all about building trust.

Therefore, rather than just falling back on the same rhetoric that your roof business is going to save customers money, and that you can offer more services than the next company.

You should actively demonstrate to your web visitors that you are accountable for all that you do.

If you show them you’re the best roofing company locally for their project, I can guarantee you, price objections will be secondary in their decision-making.

This means establishing clear contact links for your business. You need to set up a clear voice, and visual appeal, too, if you want quality roofing leads to roll in regularly.

It’s surprising just how much graphic design can improve your marketing potential. But think about it this way. 

If I was to ask you to think of the logos for Apple, McDonalds or Pepsi, you can probably picture them pretty easily.

Branding also surrounds your use of case studies and reviews, too. 

Potential leads want to know that you are roofers they can trust.

Make sure to connect your reviews and testimonials to traceable writers. 

The average homeowner looking for roofing contractors is more discerning in the modern age than they will have been ten years ago. 

Therefore, you are going to need to do more than just offer them hollow sales spiel.

If you think your current sales presentation isn’t up to scratch then check my top roofing sales pitch tips.

Balance great branding and a consistent approach across all your online media, and you are going to be building autonomous leads for years to come. 

Trust me on this.

Call to Action

Visitors to your roofing or roof repair website are going to need a helping hand in the right direction.

While you might talk the talk, and walk the walk, you’re going to need to present a clear chance for visitors to take action with you. 

Finding leads for roofing is all well and good, but you need to convert on them, too.

Free Roof Check

Fill in the form for a free quote on any roofing works.

You can clearly see the next step these roofers want the visitor to take.

A call to action is a short passage or phrase which tells readers what they need to do to get in touch with you.

However, an even better CTA standard is the online form. 

You might have seen plenty of these before.,

At the bottom of each landing page, you could have a small form and ‘contact’ button. 

Should your visitors decide that they want to take you up on your roofing business, you should capitalise on those leads by making it easy for them to reach out.

This isn’t to say that your visitors are lazy! 

What it means is that you are effectively encouraging them to take action now, not to umm and ahh about it.

Rather than go away and lose interest, the best roofing leads will fill out their information and click through for you to call them back with a roof quote. 

It makes a lot of difference!

AdWords - Pay Per Click for Exclusive Roofing Leads?

Pay per click, or PPC, can certainly make a difference to the roofing leads you source.

There’s no platform in my opinion that will get you more work quicker the Google Adwords.

It’s perfectly easy for you to run PPC alongside SEO, however, effective PPC drives slightly different results.

Organic paid Google Ads can help to drive serious leads into your business. 

What’s more, once you get a handle on how they work well, you can start driving custom and revenue quicker than you’d normally expect from a professional long term SEO campaign.

However, bidding on the best phrases and PPC opportunities can take time to learn how to master.

Therefore, it’d be my advice to try and look into guides and tutorials which you can use to learn how to build leads through PPC marketing for years to come.

I’d even suggest that – for some roofing leads strategies – it may be worth investing a little money to learn the basics at the least. 

Believe me – if you want to generate the best roof leads and to make money for years to come, you’re going to want to take PPC by the horns. 

Be Engaging - and Interact!

Right now, the worst thing you can be doing as a roofing firm is failing to engage with people. 

This means showing customers and clients that you actually care.

This means that you are not only going to show your interactions through your website, but also through your social media. 

As things are more visible online than ever before, it’s essential that you show the people you work for that you are completely accountable for your work.

The more interaction you take part in, the more likely it is that those roofing leads are going to be rolling into your business over the months and years to come.

I have a term I use for a lot of trades websites and social media accounts I look at:

The phrase is.

The lights are on but nobody’s home!

I can tell, and visitors can see clearly, you have a website, a Facebook page or even a Checkatrade profile.

But nothing is happening.

The blog posts are years old, no new reviews, broken images or links.

Customers sense this and will move on to your competitors.

Your online digital assets are like your new showrooms, be alive, be present.

Your leads are going to want to see that you have a human side – this much is obvious! Once again, everyday homeowners looking for roofing care in the modern age are going to be more discerning than ever before. Therefore, it makes sense to reach out to your leads wherever you can.

Take advantage of reviews and feedback, too. The best leads you can build will come from those who can see that you genuinely care.

Time to Take Action

Are you a bit clearer on how to find top roof customer leads? Now is the time to take action.

You could spend years reading through how to get more roofing work guides.

Instead of honing your skills through reading alone, why not put some of these ideas into practice right away?

Roof leads and roofing business leads are likely to be pretty specific. 

However, that doesn’t mean you should take a narrow view.

Take what you can from my guides on how to build leads for tradespeople, but until you actually monopolise on them, you’re going to be a long way from results.

Start acting now, and really push for exclusive roofing leads to come swimming into your business

You can be the #1 roofers in your area.

I’ve seen it done.

Many times.


John Devlin

With over 20 years working in the home improvement industry, I have successfully transitioned from a small trades business owner to a digital marketer. I knew very early that the secret to growing a trades business would rely heavily on learning scalable lead generation strategies and marketing the business better than others online. This blog is where I share everything I learned (and continue to learn) on my journey.