Window Lead Generation: 5 Ways to Boost Double Glazing Leads

Double glazing lead generation is the top priority for window companies and rightly so.

By: John Devlin

Double Glazing

In the highly competitive glazing industry, it is essential to obtain quality leads for your window fitting company to thrive and grow.

  • I have been generating home improvement leads in the UK for over 15 years.
  • If you’ve read anything on my blog, you will know I love to see tradespeople and home service companies taking the initiative and doing it for themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at why having a professional online lead generation strategy will benefit your double-glazing business and how I’d use these four proven strategies to dominate a local area.

How Local Lead Gen Has Changed

In the past double glaziers, have relied on traditional outbound marketing to generate leads, cold-calling, door to door salespeople, email campaigns.

Expensive and let’s be honest not very popular with the general public.

From all the advertising you could be spending money on, see which adverts I’d recommended for home improvement companies.

Using proven online marketing that has been tested in the double glazing industry is a cost-effective solution that will see an increase in quality leads for your replacement window business.

More importantly, visitors will see you as the #1 double glazing firm in your local area.

Lead Generation Tips

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A Quick Word about The Big Review Sites

This post will not be about the big companies online who sell or generate sales leads for replacement windows.

We know who they are, and they will all work to some extent.

Window lead generation companies like

And so on, this post is about how you can create more sales leads yourself and free double glazing leads into the bargain.

The double glazing leads provider is obviously going to want to be paid.

If you want to use a company to buy double-glazing job leads, then check out the four best tradesman website apps to use.

They have a wide net when it comes to capturing replacement window leads.

I have used them, and I like how some are pay to play.

Which means you can buy what you need.


Local Landing Pages to Target Other Locations

Quality optimised landing pages are an essential factor for any successful double glazing website. Unfortunately, they are neglected by many digital agencies.

They in fact should have made it onto my list of common SEO mistakes tradesmen make, because they are overlooked so much.

What are local landing pages for home improvements?

Most local businesses online that rely on sales leads cover a specific area, for example:
Let’s say the North East where I live.

Now in this area, we have three major cities and about 25 large towns.

Yet the website is expecting search engines like Google to know this, and hope because we mention the central city or county we cover on the homepage.

We will be in the running for leads from all these sub-areas.

That would be wrong. If you want to rank well in town, city or county.

Or you want to come up for “near me” searches

Then you need a page targeting that location.

These are local landers and can attract tons of high-quality double glazing sales leads.

Here is what it looks like in the back of a website.

For a guide on how to create them its here.

Because local competition for window and door leads will be lower in smaller towns.

You can target services like windows doors and patio doors on the same page.

You don’t need a physical address to rank high on Google for location terms.

You need information relevant to that area on the page.

Do you think Checkatrade and have a physical office in every town or city?

For a closer look at Checkatrade see our review here.

Lead Generation Tips

Get local lead generation strategies delivered to your inbox free. (if it works we share with subscribers first)

A Proper Website CTA Increases Leads for Windows & Doors

A call to action button is a link or form placed on your website that enables the user to become a lead rather than just a browser.

They can’t close a sale for double glazed windows on their own but can be an excellent tool for consultation appointments and offering discounts as an incentive to “free written quote.”

A clean example of an excellent CTA from a window company

They should stand out from the surrounding content, be brief (no more than five words is preferable)

They should contain verbs and power-words such as “Want, Free, Save, Now, Try.”

They should convey a sense of urgency, making the potential customer feel they are missing out on something unless they click right away.

Perhaps most importantly, they should be easy to understand and state clearly exactly what the customer will receive.

Double glazing companies who underestimate the importance of useful CTA buttons are missing a trick in their online marketing efforts.


A Well Branded Double Glazing Company Wins Online

Double glazing companies who previously used dubious sales and marketing techniques have tarnished the reputation of the industry.

You average homeowner no longer trusts any firm selling double glazed windows.

Therefore, trust is an essential factor when choosing a window replacement company and is the reason local branding is so important.

You can have thousands of visitors a day into your showroom or on your website; if your company looks poor, they will all walk.

The opposite I know as a marketer is true also, you can have zero skills, and if you project the professional image, your sales team can close for fun.

Having your:

Having these professionally portrayed across all your online marketing platforms builds trust resulting in increased lead generation and more sales.

Lead Generation Tips

Get local lead generation strategies delivered to your inbox free. (if it works we share with subscribers first)

Engage & Reply (Key for Free Window Leads)

Engaging with customers past and present shows excellent customer service and gives prospective new ones’ confidence in your business.

This leads to recommendations, say hello to free leads!

The more interaction, the better, especially combined with customer reviews.

Google likes to provide its users with the best online search experience, so will be more likely to direct people to your website.

Answering questions and discussing related subjects can also see your website being found for more long-tail keyword searches resulting in more leads.

That last sentence is about search engine optimisation, to read my in-depth guide about how to do SEO for tradesmen click the link.


PPC Advertising (Google Adwords)

Finally, become competent in managing pay per click campaigns for double glazing companies.

PPC can seem a little daunting for the smaller double glazier and should be handled by
professionals to maximise its potential.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get started and produce leads for uPVC windows and doors.

I use AdWords or PPC to complement our organic search engine optimisation.

It takes time to kick in. Pay per click is a great way to get that number one spot on google for your local area in double-quick time.

You can do it; I did it.

I was managing my AdWords for years and only released it to an expert when I was strapped for time not because it was impossible to understand.

There are a million simple video tutorials on YouTube you can follow. Just set a comfortable budget and get started for a little as the cost of your next lunch.

Why Home Improvement Pros Struggle

The two main reseaons double glazing firms struggle for leads are:
Not following customer trends
Not taking action on new trends

All your customers are searching online, they are looking for professionals who are fair and trustworthy.

If you read this full guide on how to get more window sales leads, then fail to take any action.

You will ending up just researching and reading instead of growing.

If you action these tips above, you could soon be in the running for all the local leads, from front doors through to bespoke conservatories. All these prospective buyers start online.

Best of luck

Double Glazing

John Devlin

With over 20 years working in the home improvement industry, I have successfully transitioned from a small trades business owner to a digital marketer. I knew very early that the secret to growing a trades business would rely heavily on learning scalable lead generation strategies and marketing the business better than others online. This blog is where I share everything I learned (and continue to learn) on my journey.