Learn Local SEO & Take Full Control of Your Rankings and Inbound Leads

I appreciate you being a reader of my blog, and I love to share great SEO and local lead generation tips with my readership.

But the fact is, for you to do what I have done and build local websites that become lead generating machines, there simply arent enough pieces of the jigsaw on my site for you to put it all together.

The only way to learn SEO is to follow credible sources and study them step by step. Not every SEO guru out there is a great teacher. In my career, I have bought and completed 11 SEO course so far.

For me to recommend an SEO course

It had to tick all of the following boxes.

The course I have chosen to recommend and the one I feel will help tradies the most is Omniscient OnPage SEO (2021). It was created by Charles Floate, who is one of the best SEOs on the planet. 

Also, the biggest seller of SEO tutorials on Gumroad which is a marketplace for writers and designers, enabling them to sell their products for less but to a much larger audience.

Friends Have Trades Businesses?

Once you learn SEO and start generating free leads from Google, the word will get out. Exactly like what happened to me. Within 12 months of ranking my landscaping business, I was doing SEO for friends with roofing and electrical websites and getting paid good money to turn my SEO skills into a side hustle and create a lucrative yet passive second income. The recommended course for you to do the same is below.

Take Over Your Whole Area

Once you have your website ranking and a few service pages generating good revenue, you will also reach a point where you want to scale up. To go from being the #1 contractor for one service in your location, you’ll start dreaming about multiple services in multiple locations. It’s all possible; we had leads coming in from 50 miles away from 7-8 different services. This course is about becoming a prominent local business online. Buy this after you complete the first course.