19 Good Construction & Building Company Names [That Google Likes]

Before you go choosing a building company name you like, you may want to see the results of our tests below.

By: John Devlin

Names & Domains

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If you don’t want to read the full article then here is the upshot:

When choosing builders or construction company name ideas, you should aim to buy a name with the words “builder” or “construction” in it.

That is if you’d like to rank in search engines and get organic traffic.

It’s certainly possible to rank without these terms in the name, but our test show names with these words included appear more often on the first page of Google.

Why the business name is so important now more than ever.

I have always known as an online marketer than specific names do better in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In this article, we are going to try and prove it.

Over the years, when I used to deal with local clients, trying to explain this wasn’t very easy.

They automatically set off believing choosing the best construction company names would be their ticket to easier first page rankings.

Well, this is not entirely true but in my opinion (and many other SEO experts) choosing the right name for your firm can help with search engine optimisation.

We ran a test from a sample of 100 search results in the building and construction industry. We found 39 regional or local companies on page 1. These were the types of names we found.

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Over the last decade or so I’ve spent more time working on digital marketing for construction and building companies than I have any other.

In nearly every case the builder’s name has already been chosen. In some cases, the construction company name was ideal.

In other cases, I’ve been left shaking my head and wishing I’d been around earlier.

How does a company name help with SEO?

First off for those who don’t know what search engine optimisation (SEO) is, I’ll quickly explain.

SEO is the process of optimising a website to get organic visitors from search results.

So in the simplest terms, if your construction building company sits high up on the first page of Google, you are highly likely to be getting free traffic and free leads.

Read my ultimate guide to SEO for tradespeople for more.

The experiment - Let the data speak!

So we thought it would be a cool idea to analyse 200 search results and see if my hunch is correct.

The objective - To see if Google places builders websites higher in search results when the domain includes keywords.

For this test, we are going to look at the following types of company names for construction.

We are going to look at

Brandable Domains / Names

These are business name ideas with no keywords in there, for example:

Exact Match Domains / Names

These are name ideas that include all the words that make up keywords used by searchers.

Synonyms / Variants / Partial Match Domains

These are construction company name ideas that have a firm reference to the industry but have some branding mixed in.

The cities we chose to test

I want to state before running these tests; it’s harder than ever for local builders and construction businesses to rank on the first page of Google.

Companies like Yelp, Thumbtack and in the UK, Checkatrade and Yell take up a lot of these spots. So local businesses need every advantage they can get.

For the UK we will test the word “Builder” plus city

  • London
  • Manchester 
  • Glasgow 
  • Birmingham 
  • Liverpool

For the US “Construction Company” plus city

  • New York
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • Las Vegas 
  • Fresno   

I want to state before running these tests; it’s harder than ever for local builders and construction businesses to rank on the first page of Google.

Companies like Yelp, Thumbtack and in the UK, Checkatrade and Yell take up a lot of these spots. So local businesses need every advantage they can get.

The Numbers

Search Term
Local Companies Ranking First Page
Location Used in name
Brandable Names
Partial Match Domains
Partial or Variant Used
Exact Match Domains
Builder London
Builder Manchester
Builder Glasgow
Builder Birmingham
Builder Liverpool

Findings and things to take away about good builder names

  • Only ten local builders hold first page positions from the top 5 cities
  • From the ten, only 1 used a brandable business name
  • 60% of the companies ranking had the location in the name
  • 40% used a partial or variant of “builder” to establish some relevance in the name
  • Six out of the ten rankings had an exact match domain.
  • We found no local companies with four or more words in the names.
  • “Construction” was the closest variant to “builder” used.
Search Term
Local Companies Ranking First Page
Location Used in name
Brandable Names
Partial Match Domains
Partial or Variant Used
Exact Match Domains
Construction Company New York
Construction x4
Construction Company Seattle
Construction x4
Construction Company San Diego
Construction x3
Construction Company Las Vegas
Construction x2 Contracting
Construction Company Fresno

Findings and things to take away about good construction company names

  • 29 out of 50 spots held were by local or regional companies.
  • The location is used in the names only 4% of the time
  • Brandable names made the first page 22% of the time
  • All but 1 out of 16 using a partial match domain chose the word “construction.”
  • No exact match domain names were present in this test sample

Why the tests showed what they did

The very first thing search engines look at is the website name.

We are assuming here that the company name and the website name will be the same, if it’s not, it should be.

Expanding on this, they don’t just look at the business name, and say OK that’s a cool name.
Google bot is a robot for want of better description, and they look at the name to determine RELEVANCE.

They look at the company name to see if they can determine what industry it belongs too.

Yes, they look at over 200 other things too, but in Local SEO, a well-picked domain name can be the best decision you might make.

Back to my theory

So my belief is, you should include as much relevance in the company name as you can.

And you do that by including keywords in the company name.
Look at it as a leg up, a head start.

An example of a head start

This chart above shows a local landscaping website that is only around two months old, catapulting itself towards Google’s first page for some pretty profitable search terms.

Now, this website has had no other work, apart from a great name and great optimised content added. I have had to blank out the name and keywords because I own this site and one day it will be passed to a new owner.

So how do you choose a good builders company name?

Well, you need to do it strategically; there are a few ideal points you should consider.


  • You want a professional or catchy construction company name
  • The business name should say what you do at a glance
  • The name should have the overall industry term in there “Building” or “Roofing.”


  • Avoid creative and funny names
  • Nothing to long (3 words max)
  • No stuffing in keywords (if you have 5-6 services they don’t all go in)

Stuck for business name ideas?

Now we have established you want the main industry term in the web address, it’s now time to try to build a brand name, a business name that rolls of the tongue and sounds impressive.

Ask everyone you know, what are names for construction companies that they’ve heard of?

Have a building names generator suggest a list

Here is some I got for a builder
  • Builder Falcon
  • Builder Outlook
  • Builder Buffer
  • Builder Dynamite
  • Builder Ark
  • Builder Affordable
  • Builder City
  • Builder Lighthouse
  • Builder Star
  • Builder Proof
  • Builder Arch
  • Builder Foresight
  • Builder Tower
  • Builder Strength
  • Builderquipo
  • Builder Beam
  • Builderlada
  • Builderlytical
  • Builderster
Here is some more for the word “building”
  • Buildzilla
  • Buildcog
  • Pro Building
  • Buildooze
  • Foreman Building
  • Concept Building
  • Outlook Building
  • Legacy Building
  • Dynamite Building
  • Buildify
  • Pivot Building
  • Control Building
  • Handy Building
  • Loop Building
  • Ground Building
  • Ace Building
  • Arch Building
  • Fort Building
  • Roadway Building
Business name ideas for construction
  • Evolve Construction
  • Constructomatic
  • Dynamite Construction
  • Loop Construction
  • Delta Construction
  • Arrow Construction
  • Fix Construction
  • Form Construction
  • Velocity Construction
  • Constructlux
  • Constructonus
  • Buffer Construction
  • Constructgenix
  • Flow Construction
  • Lean Construction
  • Leader Construction
  • Absolute Construction

If you’re looking to buy the name first, you will need to check it’s available. I buy all my domains here; I think the prices are fair and their support is superb.

To Wrap Up

The point of this test was to see what kind of names and domains you should be looking at in 2021. 

It does make a difference to establish relevance with search engines, and by doing this quickly and not confusing them, you stand a better chance of breaking onto page 1 and getting some free organic traffic.

If you already own a home construction service-based business, you should probably stick with the name you have. 

Any slight advantage in search engines is not worth rebranding a business that might have been established for years. 

Unless the website in question it’s getting zero traffic and just sitting on the internet gathering dust.

In that case, I’d personally be researching the best builder company names out there and see what works for for me.

Check traffic for free here.

Choosing from the list of construction firm name ideas you gather will be the first step to creating your new construction building business. 

From there, you can look at business card design, web design and creating your social media accounts.

Best of luck. 

Names & Domains

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